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Ceremonial Cacao - Republica Dominicana Single Origin

Ceremonial Cacao - Republica Dominicana Single Origin

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A fruity and intense single origin ceremonial cacao with a roasted nuts aftertaste. These beans from Dominican Republic have a very balanced profile.

It is reccomended for those experienced in the cacao ceremony who look for a higher cocoa profile without acid peaks.

It is 100% paste and it contains no additives, flavors, or colorants.

The ceremonial cacao is kept at controlled temperature/humidity in an airtight container to preserve its flavours and avoid blooming effects.

How to prepare

Macarons: take out from the fridge 10-15 minutes before serving

Financiers, Brownies and Cookies: take out of the fridge 2 hours before serving


Pickup your order in Bakery de Stefano
Calle Almansa 86 - Las Palmas de GC

Tuesday to Saturday

10:30 - 14:00

15:00 - 19:00

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