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Food trends in Gran Canaria, a bet for the future.

In the last 5 years Gran Canaria’s food scene has drastically changed. We have always seen new food companies appearing and disappearing over time but recently things are looking very different.
The years of Covid led many companies out of business and allowed new entrepreneurs to rent venues for cheaper prices, at least for the following 5/10 years.

There are multiple trends that started recently and are here to stay:

  • Vegetarian/vegan/alternative venues
  • High-end spanish cuisine
  • High quality bakeries and pastry shops

Vegetarian/vegan/alternative venues:

It is incredible the amount of small and medium businesses that chose to target customers looking for vegetarian/vegan options.
Starting from Las Canteras (in Las Palmas de GC) you can find these venues quite easily, filled up with tourists, digital nomads or locals in their 20’s or 30’s.
Vegetarian and vegan cooking is a subset of the normal cooking possibilities that a chef has, and this leads to many challenges in terms of texture, flavor and creativity. Professionals of all skill levels are trying their luck, especially in Las Palmas de GC, and I am sure that many of them will still be still in business after many years.

High-end spanish cuisine:

Gran Canaria is part of the Canary Islands which are a region of Spain. Of course it is normal having entrepreneurs from the “Peninsula” (the main region of Spain) trying their luck in other regions, but lately many high end restaurants have opened and they all have Chefs patrons, or owners, from mainland Spain.
These restaurants propose modern dishes with the typical spanish avant-garde elements (foams, texturizers, sous vide) that started with the famous El Bulli restaurant under Ferran and Albert Adrià.
Most of these interpretations are very new to the island and both locals and tourists enjoy a touch of modern cuisine while always loving canarian traditional dishes.

High quality bakeries and pastry shops:

In Gran Canaria you can find many local traditional breads and pastries. The recipes haven’t changed and many bakeries have similar recipes for the same products. A few new interesting shops did pop out in the last few years and their owners decided to rely on quality products and modern recipes.
Some examples are:

  • “Texturas de chocolate”, “Panalogìa” and “Ave Pastelerìa” in the Center of Las Palmas
  • “Tarei” in La Isleta
  • “Levain” in Mesa y Lopez
  • “Panaderìa Muller” in Arinaga
  • and of course “Bakery de Stefano” in Guanarteme

Bread awareness is evolving in Gran Canaria and there’s a revamp in the use of sourdough. We are still far from european capitals in terms of flour quality, fermentation processes, or production optimization but the overall trend is heading in the right direction.
Modern pastries are starting to appear in shop counters and everyone enjoys a little treat with a coffee especially during winter.
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is leading this food renovation and every year the change in product quality is more remarkable.

As Bakery de Stefano we feel to be part of this movement, and every day we make our customers aware of what they are buying. When customers start to ask what their food is made of, which brands of ingredients were used and so on, they can ultimately appreciate the long work and research behind every little detail.

Change never happens with only one player, the whole team of businesses (suppliers, logistics, food venues) need to move together in the same direction.

We are moving, will you follow?


Flavio de Stefano

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Tienes toda la razón , en general en las Islas Canarias hemos subido varios escalones a nivel gastronómico y los clientes lo apreciamos, lo valoramos y los disfrutamos. Un honor tenerte por el barrio

María del Pino

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